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Unilateral true hermaphrodite with 46,XX/46,XY dispermic chimerism.
  1. T I Farag,
  2. S A Al-Awadi,
  3. P Tippett,
  4. M el-Sayed,
  5. T S Sundareshan,
  6. S A Al-Othman,
  7. M H el-Badramany
  1. Kuwait Medical Genetics Centre.


    A 13 year old female presented with ambiguous external genitalia, right inguinal ovotestis, left ovary, apparently normal Mullerian system, and absent Wolffian system. Cultured lymphocytes showed a 46,XX/46,XY karyotype. Histopathology of the gonads confirmed true hermaphroditism. The presence of two genetically different erythrocyte populations was observed. The findings suggested that the patient is a true hermaphrodite dispermic chimera.

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