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Professor Constantin Polychronakos

McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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Constantin Polychronakos, MD, is a physician-scientist whose main interest is the genetics of diabetes. He obtained his MD degree at Aristotle University, Greece, and he is currently Professor in the department of Pediatrics, McGill University.
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Associate Editors

Dr Nada Jabado

McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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Expertise: pediatric neuro-oncology, cancer genetics, epigenetics, oncohistones
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Dr Hui-Qi Qu

University of Texas
Houston, USA
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Expertise: diabetes, genomics, genetics, bioinformatics
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Dr Mohnish Suri

Nottingham University
Nottingham, UK

Professor Enza-Maria Valente

University of Pavia
Rome, Italy
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Expertise: clinical, molecular and functional neurogenetics particularly: neurodegenerative diseases, movement disorders, congenital brain malformations, ciliopathies and pediatric ataxias
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Social Media Editor

Dr Noha Gerges
McGill University Health Center
Montreal, Canada

Expertise: human genetics, next generation sequencing, pediatric brain tumors
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MCQ Associate Editor

Professor Diana M. Eccles

Wessex Clinical Genetics Service
Southampton, UK
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Expertise: cancer genetics

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Emma Baple
University of Exeter Medical School
Exeter, UK

Shirley Hodgson
St Georges Hospital
London, UK

Lily Islam
West Midlands Regional Genetics Service
Birmingham, UK

Wendy D Jones
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Cambridge, UK

Catherine L Mercer
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
Southampton, UK

Alex Murray
All Wales Medical Genetics Service
Cardiff, UK

E L Wakeling
North West London Hospitals NHS Trust
Harrow, UK

Vinod C Varghese
All Wales Medical Genetics Service
Cardiff, UK

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Stylianos Antonarakis
Centre Medical Universitaire
Geneva, Switzerland

François Balloux
Imperial College London
London, UK

Han Brunner
University Hospital Nijmegen
Nijmegen, Netherlands

Jean-Laurent Casanova
Rockefeller University
New York, USA

David Collier
King’s College London
London, UK

David N Cooper
Cardiff University
Cardiff, UK

Robert C. Elston
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, USA

Asta Försti
German Cancer Research Center
Heidelberg, Germany

William Foulkes
McGill University
Montreal, Canada

Andrew Griffith
National Institute of Health
Bethesda, USA

Hakon Hakonarson
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, USA

Eric Legius
Centre of Human Genetics
Leuven, Belgium

Kari E North
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, USA

Peristera Paschou
Democritus University of Thrace
Thrace, Greece

Christopher E. Pearson
The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, Canada

Nicky Ragge
Oxford Brookes University
Oxford, UK

Brent Richards
McGill University
Montreal, Canada

Dan Rujescu
Ludwig Maximilians University
Munich, Germany

Ravi Savarirayan
Genetic Health Services Victoria
Melbourne, Australia

Helga Toriello
Spectrum Health
Grand Rapids, USA

Massimo Zeviani
Istituto Nazionale Neurologico C. Besta
Milan, Italy

Xue Zhang
Peking Union Medical College