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Segregation of an insertional chromosome rearrangement in 3 generations.
  1. K E Toomey,
  2. T Mohandas,
  3. R S Sparkes,
  4. M M Kaback,
  5. D L Rimoin


    The interstitial deletion of a segment of chromosome 13, 13q21 leads to 13q22, and its inversion and insertion into the long arm of chromosome 3 at breakpoint q12, was found to segregate in 3 generations of a family. Segregation of this 3 break rearrangement gave rise to individuals monosomic, trisomic, or balanced for the involved segment. Monosomy for 13q21 leads to 13q22 was associated with mental retardation, expressive aphasia, microcephaly, hand abnormalities, and short stature. Partially trisomic individuals had normal mentality, extremely high arched palate, and mild dysmorphic features. There was no evidence for retinoblastoma in the individuals examined. The balanced carriers were normal. Comparison of monosomic individuals with one previous report of a similar deletion reveals marked phenotypic similarities.

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