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Genetic complexity of diagnostically unresolved Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
Anthony M Vandersteen, Ruwan A Weerakkody, David A Parry, Christina Kanonidou, Daniel J Toddie-Moore, Jana Vandrovcova, Rebecca Darlay, Javier Santoyo-Lopez, Alison Meynert, NIHR BioResource, Hanadi Kazkaz, Rodney Grahame, Carole Cummings, Marion Bartlett, Neeti GhaliSee the full list of authors

21 February 2024

New insights into CC2D2A-related Joubert syndrome
Madeleine Harion, Leila Qebibo, Audrey Riquet, Christelle Rougeot, Alexandra Afenjar, Catherine Garel, Malek Louha, Emmanuelle Lacaze, Frédérique Audic-Gérard, Magali Barth, Patrick Berquin, Dominique Bonneau, Frédéric Bourdain, Tiffany Busa, Estelle ColinSee the full list of authors

22 May 2023