Table 1

Demographics of study cohorts

CohortCRPS-1 discoveryCRPS-1 replicationChronic severe pain1
Total individuals studied345039
Age range51 (23–73)47 (20–73)54 (26–86)
Age range51 (23–73)47 (23–73)50 (26–74)
Age range51 (32–56)48 (20–66)61 (38–86)
  • For each of the three cohorts reported in this study, the number of individuals studied is given, and the age range in years (mean followed in parenthesis by minimum and maximum). Then, the number and age data by sex are given for each cohort. All study individuals were Caucasian, but this was not because of the exclusion of other ethnicities.

  • Individuals with chronic severe back pain untreatable by analgesics; there were no diagnoses of CRPS and neuropathic pain. All individuals had either a spinal cord stimulator implant or attended the Residential Guys and St Thomas’s residential INPUT pain management course.

  • CRPS-1, complex regional pain syndrome type 1.