Table 1

Breakdown of VYOC cases by histological subtype

Histological subtypen (%)Carriers of PV detected (%)PV details
HGSOC6 (7.8)0NA
LGSOC4 (5.2)0NA
Poorly differentiated1 (1.3)0NA
Serous NOS12 (15.6)1 (8.3)MSH2x1
Endometrioid7 (9.1)2 (28.6)MSH2x1, PMS2x1
Clear cell2 (2.6)1 (50)MSH2x1
Mucinous29 (37.7)0NA
Borderline9 (11.7)0NA
Granulosa cell1 (1.3)0NA
Adenocarcinoma NOS1 (1.3)0NA
Unknown5 (6.5)1 (20)MSH2x1
Total 77 5 (6.5%) MSH2x4, PMS2x1
  • HGSOC, high-grade serous ovarian cancer; LGSOC, low-grade serous ovarian cancer; NA, Not Applicable; NOS, not otherwise specified; PV, pathogenic variant; VYOC, very young onset ovarian cancer.