Table 2

OC risk categorisation to ages 50 and 80 years for RAD51C, RAD51D, BRIP1 and PALB2 GPV carriers based on the multifactorial OC model67 implemented in CanRisk (A Antoniou, personal communication 2022, and adapted from data in Lee et al 32)

GeneConsidering OC risk to age 80 yearsConsidering OC risk to age 50 years
Average risk to age 80 (%)*% carriers in risk category†Average risk to age 50 (%)*% carriers in risk category†
<5% risk5%–10% risk>10% risk<3% risk3–5% risk>5% risk
(A) For an unaffected GPV carrier, unselected due to family history of OC
RAD51D 13233650.999.90.10
RAD51C 11544511.199.60.40
BRIP1 647476199.70.20
PALB2 5623530.810000
(B) For a GPV carrier with a mother affected with OC, age 50
RAD51D 230981.995.44.40.2
BRIP1 11549291.67.90.5
PALB2 1011331.597.52.40.1
  • *Average risk for a GPV carrier, based only on the GPV.

  • †Based on the multifactorial risk model, including questionnaire-based/clinical risk factors and polygenic risk score.

  • GPV, germline pathogenic variant; OC, ovarian cancer.