Table 1

Tumour samples tested, age at diagnosis, IHC loss and path_MMR rate

IHC (n)Age range (median)IHC loss% IHC lossPath_MMR with loss%
Colorectal cancer220414.5–91 (50.8)42219.151557.03
Colorectal polyps2448.4–82 (54)83.2831.23
Endometrial cancer73918324.76445.95
Genetics service23916–79 (51)2811.7
Gastric cancer5817–79 (48)58.6200.00
Ovarian cancer26116–89 (49)2710.3483.07
TCC/kidney1332–61 (45)323.0817.69
Non-melanoma skin cancer2937–75 (57)1241.38310.34
Cholangiocarcinoma2032–76 (50)525.0000.00
Pancreas1337–71 (53)17.6900.00
Brain129–84 (48)433.3318.33
Breast1533–74 (49)00.0000.00
Small bowel including ampulla2129–72 (48)14.7600.00
Unknown primary1926–71 (40)00.0000.00
Oesophagus1621–61 (51)16.2500.00
  • TCC urinary tract; others include cervix (n=4), prostate (n=4), sarcoma (n=3), melanoma (n=3), thyroid (n=2) and lung (n=2).

  • IHC, immunohistochemistry; MMR, mismatch repair; path_, pathogenic variant; PETALS, Proportion of Endometrial Tumours Associated with Lynch Syndrome; TCC, transitional cell carcinoma.