Table 1

Frequency of mental distress, help-seeking behaviour and psychiatric illness in male and female deletion carriers and controls completing the mental health questionnaire

MeasureMale controlMale deletionStatistical analysisFemale controlFemale deletionStatistical analysis
Ever suffered mental distress preventing usual activities? (Yes/No)15 068 (26%)/42 882 (74%)12 (57%)/9 (43%)χ2 [1]=9.02, p=0.00329 250/46 32330/63χ2 [1]=1.37, p=0.242
Ever sought or received help for mental distress? (Yes/No)17 522/41 1377/14χ2 [1]=0.01, p=0.91435 122/41 03539/56χ2 [1]=0.786, p=0.375
Social anxiety or social phobia (Yes/No)756/58 0990/21P>0.99892/75 5471/94P>0.99
Phobia (other than social or agoraphobia) (Yes/No)576/58 2791/20P=0.1871256/75 1832/93P=0.671
Panic attacks (Yes/No)2266/56 5891/20P=0.5625197/71 2426/89χ2 [1]=0.000, p>0.99
Obsessive compulsive disorder (Yes/No)329/58 5261/20P=0.111508/75 9310/95P>0.99
Depression (Yes/No)9188/49 6676/15P=0.12519587/56 85224/71χ2 [1]=0.000, p>0.99
Anxiety, nerves or generalised anxiety disorder (Yes/No)6287/52 5683/18P=0.48612889/63 55016/79χ2 [1]=0.000, p>0.99