Table 1

Number of ovarian cancers tested for IHC by pathology and proportion of women with MMR pathogenic variants

PathologyTested (n)IHC loss
IHC loss (%)BRAF tested
C.1799T>A positive
C.1799T>A positive
Methylation tested (n)Hypermethylated (n)Hypermethylated (%)Tested for path_MMR (n)Lynch syndrome (n)Lynch syndrome (%)
3 MSH6
Clear cell19210.5004250MLH1, MSH2
Low grade serous100000000
High grade serous7967.61001009222MSH2, MSH6
Adenocarcinoma (other)3837.910011100200
Total2612710.35007343369254 MSH6, 4 MSH2, 1 MLH1
  • *Three Mullerian, two granulosa cell, one Sertoli, two secondaries, one mesodermal, one Brenner, three carcinosarcoma.

  • †Carcinosarcoma of ovary aged 48 years; sister had colorectal cancer aged 34 years.

  • IHC, immunohistochemistry; MMR, mismatch repair.