Table 1

Patient groups and rare variant groups

Patient groups analysedRare variant groupDifference (%)Adjusted P value
FHM versus familial migraineFunctional variants15.11.46e-6
FHM versus sporadic migraineFunctional variants17.55.2e-10
Sporadic migraine versus familial migraineFunctional variants2.20.0076
FHM versus familial migraineFrameshift indels13.20.00099
Non-frameshift indels2.31
Stop codon indels−0.51
Non-synonymous SNP11.80.0038
FHM versus sporadic migraineFrameshift indels205.19e-13
Non-frameshift indels4.40.13
Stop codon indels2.11
Non-synonymous SNP20.11.60e-13
  • The results from the MCMCgrm area under the curve analysis are listed in columns 3 and 4, where the differences (%) between groups are listed, together with the adjusted p values, respectively.

  • FHM, familial hemiplegic migraine; SNP, Single Nucleotide Polymorphism.