Table 4

Retracted medical genetics and non-medical genetics articles from 1970 to 2018. Articles that underwent civil or criminal proceedings

Type of proceedingGroupCountry/time to retraction* (years)Type of articleJournal, year†
CivilMedical geneticsUSA/4.8Research article Urology, 2007
Medical geneticsSpain/6.1Research article Cell Cycle, 2012
Non-medical geneticsUSA/2.2Research article Science, 2009
Non-medical geneticsUSA/4.5Research article PNAS, 2013
CriminalMedical geneticsCanada/13.6Research article Journal Clinical Investigation, 2002
Medical geneticsItaly/6.8Clinical study Journal Clinical Investigation, 2007
Non-medical geneticsItaly/1.7Research article Cell Death & Disease, 2012
  • *Time elapsed from publication of the article to publication of the retraction notice.

  • †Year of publication of the article.