Table 2

CLDRC multivariate replication

MarkerCHRBPMinor alleleMAF*P value
Joint modelRAN PicturesRAN ColoursRAN LettersRAN Numbers
rs6963842†7107 634 989T0.4950.3600.9630.6440.8560.244
rs1555839†1090 382 820C0.3190.0180.2560.0192.38×10−30.086
rs701825†1090 417 547G0.2824.60×10−30.5624.09×10−39.32×10−40.04
  • Results from the joint analysis of RAN Colours, RAN Pictures, RAN Letters and RAN Numbers across the top associated markers from the GRaD multivariate and meta-analytic discovery analyses. Results from follow-up, independent univariate analysis of RAN Pictures, RAN Colours, RAN Letters and RAN Numbers at each marker are also represented.

  • *MAF based on allele frequencies within the CLDRC sample.

  • †Imputed markers.

  • ‡Survives Bonferroni correction for multiple testing (p<0.05/3=0.0161).

  • BP, base position; CHR, chromosome; CLDRC, Colorado Learning Disability Research Center; GRaD, Genes, Reading, and Dyslexia study; MAF, minor allele frequency; RAN, rapid automatised naming.