Table 2

Demographic data

Combined BRCA1/2 (n=103)
 Adenocarcinoma, NOS135 (38)
 Carcinosarcoma61 (17)
 Clear cell182 (11)
 Endometrioid295* (17)
 Low-grade serous100
 High-grade serous47590 (19)
FHx of BC/OC26868 (25)
PMHx of BC8428 (33)
  • Data are reported as number (percentage; the denominator is column 2 ‘Tested’).

  • *All BRCA1/2 heterozygotes had poorly differentiated (high-grade) endometrioid ovarian cancer.

  • BC, breast cancer; FHx, family history; NOS, not otherwise specified; OC, ovarian cancer; PMHx, medical history.