Table 2

Mitochondrial dysfunction identified in select other genetic disorders

DisorderMitochondrial defectReference by PubMed ID number
AOA1 (APTX mutations)Coenzyme Q10 15699391
DesminopathyCS, mtDNA depletion (35%)26097489
Dravet syndrome (SCN1A mutations)Variable OXPHOS deficiencies20392657; 21906962
EXOSC3 and EXOSC8 related diseasesLow Complex I and pyruvate dehydrogenase activities, low mtDNA copy number, increased expression of mitochondrial genes28687512; 24989451
GLUT1 deficiencyComplex I22156785
GM3 synthase deficiencyRespiratory chain dysfunction in fibroblasts and liver22990144
LCHADDComplex III, COX16417669
Limb immobilisationCOX and CS19654872
Lysosomal diseases: GM1-gangliosidosis, mucopolysaccharidosis IIIC, multiple sulfatase deficiency, Krabbe disease, Gaucher disease, Niemann Pick disease type CMultiple OXPHOS deficiencies attributed to excessive production of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species and dysregulated calcium homeostasis with mitochondria-induced apoptosis and neurodegeneration28132808
MADD (ETFDH, ETFA or ETFB mutations)Complex I and II deficiencies; Riboflavin and Coenzyme Q10 responsive17412732
Molybdenum cofactor deficiencyCOX16417669
MTHFR mutationsComplex I deficiency21131308
Multiple carboxylase deficiencyComplex III16417669
NBIA (PKAN)Complex III16417669
Neonatal haemochromatosisComplex III (liver)16417669
Neuroferritinopathy (FTL1) Complex I or multiple Complex deficiency17142829
NPHS3 (PLCE1 deficiency)COX21365190
Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (CLN2 and CLN3-related)Partial deficiency in fatty acid oxidation enzymes and the storage of subunit c of mitochondrial ATP synthase in fibroblasts8971698
ORAI1 related diseaseImpaired lipid metabolism and fatty acid oxidation in skeletal muscle, heart and liver due to abnormal store-operated Ca2+ entry28132808
Organic acidemiasCoenzyme Q10, multiple OXPHOS deficiencies and free radical induced oxidative damage21329767; 28753922; 28753922
Ras/MAPK pathway mutationsVariable OXPHOS deficiencies26097489
Rett syndrome (MECP2 mutations)Variable OXPHOS deficiencies26741492
SCAR10Coenzyme Q10 25182700
Spinal muscular atrophyComplexes I-IV, mtDNA depletion12557011; 25844556
STXBP1 mutation (de novo)Complex I25418441
Zellweger syndromeComplexes II+III, COX25287621; 28753922