Table 1

Baseline of N-terminal proBNP levels and efficacy parameters of nine patients in CUPID 1 trial

Cohort/patient identificationBaseline of N-terminal proBNP (pg/mL)Efficacy parameters (study time)
Cohort 1/patient 1315Improve (12 months)
Cohort 1/patient 22329Worsen (receive a transplant at month 8)
Cohort 1/patient 32928Improve (12 months)
Cohort 2/patient 11420Improve (died of presumed sudden cardiac death at 96 days)
Cohort 2/patient 25236Improve (12 months)
Cohort 2/patient 32596Improve (12 months)
Cohort 3/patient 1770Improve (6 months)
Cohort 3/patient 2458Improve (6 months)
Cohort 3/patient 330 704Worsen (receive a mechanical support device at week 6)
  • CUPID, Calcium Upregulation by Percutaneous Administration of Gene Therapy in Cardiac Disease; N-terminal proBNP, N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide.