Table 2

Suggestive association signals (P<1×10−5) observed in a genome-wide association study (GWAS) of 6.3 million SNPs, 2000–2009 (n=5075)*

SNP identifierChrClosest geneMajor alleleMinor alleleMAFβ†SEP
rs11518141 PARP1 TC0.10−×10–6
rs93573546 NCR2 GC0.×10–6
rs752830068 RBPMS-AS1 AG0.×10–5
rs953751413 PRR20 GT0.×10–6
rs2879030815 ONECUT1 CG0.25−×10–6
  • *GWAS was adjusted for sex, age, TL measurement type and batch effects.

  • †Association estimates are for the minor allele. The major allele is the reference allele.

  • GWAS, genome-wide association studies; MAF, minor allele frequency; TL, telomere length.