Table 3

Previous results from large population-based series of breast or ovarian cancer cases

Age of diagnosisAll
ovarian (Alsop et al 12)
Sporadic ovarian (Alsop et al 12)Age of diagnosisAll TNT
(Couch et al 13)
Sporadic TNT (Couch et al 13)
Number tested15691
Number tested45230149
Number tested153368209
Number tested346366241
Number tested457250388279
  • *Personal communication (Gillian Mitchell). By inference, as 62/749 with no ovarian cancer and no family history had a BRCA1/2 mutation, 46/499 (9.2%) of those aged ≤60 years had a mutation. Therefore, only sporadic high-grade serous ovarian cancer aged ≤60 years was likely to have breached the 10% threshold.

  • TNT, triple-negative tumour.