Table 1

Patient characteristics and TESE outcome

no.DiagnosisSemen sample 1Semen sample 2Hormonal profileTesticular sample post TESE (IVF lab)Pathology lab. Final diagnosis (post TESE)karyoY microdeletion
Volume (mL)Sperm countVolume (mL)Sperm countFSH (mIU/mL)LH (mIU/mL)PRO (ng/mL)TES (ng/mL)
IV-1Azoospermia1.802.506.354.66TESE not doneTESE not done46 xyNegative
IV-2Azoospermia1.802.106.44.944.7TESE not doneTESE not donenot donenot done
DM type 1
IV-3Azoospermia20206.3494.4no spermSpermatogenic arrest46 xy, INV(9)Negative
IV-5Cryptozoosper mia5.8Six immotile sperm with small head2.805.24.2186.8Four sperm cellsSpermatogenic arrest46 xy, INV(9)Negative
V-2Azoospermia0.801.507.468.94.6no spermSpermatogenic arrest46 xyNegative
DM type 1
Morbid obesity
  • Normal reference ranges for the hormonal profile were: FSH (0.7–11 mIU/mL), LH (0.8–8 mIU/mL), prolactin (1–18 ng/mL), testosterone total (2.45–12 ng/mL). cryptorchid, cryptorchidism; DM, diabetis mellitus; FSH, follicular-stimulating hormone; IVF, in vitro fertilisation; Karyo, karyotype; LH, luteinising hormone; PRO, prolactin; TES, testosterone; TESE, testicular sperm extraction.