Table 1

The role of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in the precise regulation of visual maintenance

Official symbolAlso known asGenomic locationCell specificFunction
Six3os1Rncr1; Six3os; D17Mgi26; E130112H22Rik17 E4Retinal progenitorsSix3os1 was the first identified lncRNA that coeffect with its coding gene to play an important role in retinal development
MIATRNCR2; GOMAFU; C22orf35; LINC00066; NCRNA00066; lncRNA-MIAT22q12.1Progenitors and retinal precursor cellsMIAT plays a critical role in regulating mammalian retinal cell fate specification
BB283400Rncr4; BF465573Chromosome 6RetinaBB283400 was a retina-specific lncRNA that controls the uniformity of various retina layers
TUG1TI-227H; LINC00080; NCRNA0008022q12.2Rod photoreceptorsTUG1 is necessary for the proper formation of photoreceptors in the developing rodent retina
Vax2OSVas2os; Vax2os1; Vax2os26 C3Photoreceptor progenitor cellsVax2os is involved in the control of cell cycle progression of photoreceptor progenitor cells in the ventral retina
ENSMUST0000013486Photoreceptor phagocytosisENSMUST0000013486c is critical for circadian gene expression
H19ASM; BWS; WT2; ASM1; D11S813E; LINC00008; NCRNA0000811p15.5H19 was reported to be female-biased specifically in the female mouse eye