Table 1

Family characteristics

Families, no21 4013398176616 265
 Total number617 57899 70852 861466 013
 Median per family25262625
Members with cancer, no
 uBC50−26 2364996251918 770
 uBC51+24 4522789203319 655
 BC and OC1917805202916
 Male BC67162193420
Age of onset (mean)*
 Male BC58.056.960.457.0
  • *Mean ages of onset for BC and OC were significantly different in all pairwise group comparisons (p<0.001). For male BC, mean age of onset was significantly different between BRCA2-positive and BRCA1/2-negative families (p=0.006).

  • bBC, bilateral breast cancer; BC, breast cancer; OC, ovarian cancer.