Table 4

Sensitivity and specificity of the three clinical scoring systems calculated for our cohort of patients

NH CSS (%)Netchine et al9 (%)Birmingham (%)
Sensitivity (Birmingham article)N/A70.082.0
Specificity (Birmingham article)N/A81.080.0
Sensitivity (Netchine-Harbison data)97.991.583.7
Specificity (Netchine-Harbison data)36.445.545.0
Positive predictive value76.778.276.6
Negative predictive value88.971.456.3
  • The ‘Likely-SRS’ patients with molecular causes other than mUPD7 or 11p15 ICR1 hypomethylation are considered as false positives for the purposes of this assessment.

  • mUPD, maternal UPD of chromosome 7; NH-CSS, Netchine-Harbison clinical scoring system; SRS, Silver-Russell syndrome.