Table 1

Characteristics of individuals from whom autopsy samples were obtained

IndividualAge (years)Time between death and DNA sampling (hrs)Cause of deathErythrocyte transfusionMonoclonal diseasesCytostatic therapySepsisTissues not in analysisARPCSK1NSLITRK4
1573Blood lossOn day of deathSquamous carcinoma of oesophagusYes, until 4 months before deathNoIII
26750Mesenteric ischaemia4 days before deathNoNoNoIII
48533Myocardial infarctionNoNoNoNoIINI
56351Complications of lung transplantation10 days before deathNoNoYesIINI
64456Cardiac failureNoNoNoNoINII
7122PneumoniaOn day of deathNoNoYesINII
85928Multiorgan failure, sepsis1 day before deathNoNoYesNIII
95166Myocardial infarctionOn day of deathNoNoNoLiver, transplantNIII
106624Metastatic monoclonal disease18 days before deathSquamous cell carcinoma of the bladderNoNoININI
114620Complications of liver transplantation1 day before deathNoNoYesLiver, transplantININI
126219Myocardial infarctionNoNoNoNoHeartNINII
  • In columns AR, PCSK1N and SLITRK4 ‘I’ denotes if an individual was informative for the respective assay, ‘NI’ means the individual was not informative.