Table 1

Biochemical parameters studied in individuals with WBS

Biochemical parameterTotal individuals assessed no. (%)Z-score (mean±SD)Centiles (%)
<p2.5 (%)p2.5–97.5 (%)>p97.5 (%)
TSH83/154 (53.9%)1.158±1.78068.731.3
Glucose151/154 (98.1%)0.642±2.2612.090.77.3
Triglycerides*115/154 (74.7%)−0.146±0.88718.3*79.12.6*
Total cholesterol*129/154 (83.8%)−0.194±0.97812.4*83.73.9*
Total bilirubin89/154 (57.8%)0.499±2.471.178.720.2
Direct bilirubin53/154 (34.4%)−0.161±1.265.786.87.5
Indirect bilirubin53/154 (34.4%)2.08±5.0906634
Iron70/154 (45.5%)0.715±2.4717.166.721.4
Transferrin69/154 (44.8%)0.378±0.851095.74.3
Total protein88/154 (57.1%)1.13±1.25072.727.3
Albumin73/154 (47.4%)0.96±0.88608911
  • Mean Z-score value, percentage of individuals below the 2.5th centile, between the 2.5th and 97.5th centile and above the 97.5th centile.

  • *For triglycerides and total cholesterol, percentage of individuals below the 5th centile, between the 5th and 95th centile and above the 95th centile.

  • TSH, thyroid-stimulating hormone; WBS, Williams–Beuren syndrome.