Table 2

Estimated glomerular filtration slopes and intercepts by urine protein to creatinine strata

Sex (F/M)UPCR strataInitial valuesTreatment values
eGFRUPCRAveraged UPCRMixed modelsLinear slope
  • Continuous variables presented as means (±SD). UPCR strata were defined by the indicated UPCR categories at the first visit. The averaged UPCR represents the average of all UPCR values obtained during the treatment visits. The intercept and slope values were obtained from a mixed-effect regression model, and linear slopes were obtained with linear regression using patient-level data for the duration of the treatment visits.

  • p<0.05 for differences in medians, comparing groups defined by UPCR strata (Dunnett's test for multiple comparisons to the reference value (UPCR strata ≤0.5 g/g)).

  • eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate; ERT, enzyme replacement therapy with agalsidase-beta at 1 mg/kg every two weeks; UPCR, urine protein to creatinine ratio (g/g).