Table 1

Association of DCAF4 rs2535913 minor allele with leucocyte telomere length in discovery and replication cohorts

AnalysisNMAFβ (SE)SEp ValueI2* (%)Het p†
Replication 1 (de novo genotyped data set)30370.2743−0.0343‡0.0186.13 ×10−2290.24
Combined (discovery+replication 1)12 2270.2991−0.0505‡0.0092.31×10−8210.25
Replication 2 (qPCR data set)77950.3144−0.0451§0.0177.84×10−300.70
Combined (all)20 0220.3061−0.0493¶0.0086.38×10−1000.46
  • *Heterogeneity index I2 by Higgins et al.35

  • †Cochran’s heterogeneity statistic’s p value.

  • ‡Effect reported in kb relative to the minor allele.

  • §Effect reported in (T/S) ratio relative to the minor allele.

  • ¶Effect reported for the inverse-variance random-effect meta-analysis.