Table 1

Track description for BRCA1 Circos

Track numberDescription
Track 1Exon number
Track 2BIC entries (BIC; August 2012)—
Track 3IARC class16
Track 4Computational classification of transcriptional assay data20
Track 5Bayes’ factor20
Track 6Exome viewer—
Track 7Reference amino acid
Track 8Codon
Track 9Variant amino acid
Track 10Align-GVGD (
Track 11BARD binding22
Track 12E2 binding22
Track 13Ubiquitin ligase activity22
Track 14Ubiquitin ligase activity24
Track 15Bimolecular fluorescence complementation25
Track 16Protease sensitivity26
Track 17Phosphopeptide-binding activity26
Track 18Phosphopeptide-binding specificity26
Track 19Transcription assay26
Track 20Transcription assay27
Track 21Transcription assay17
Track 22Transcription assay13
Track 23Transcription assay28
Track 24Transcription assay29
Track 25Transcription assay30
Track 26Transcription assay31
Track 27Transcription assay32
Track 28Transcription assay33
Track 29Transcription assay34
Track 30Transcription assay35
Track 31Transcription assay36
Track 32Transcription assay37
Track 33Small colony phenotype38
Track 34Small colony phenotype39
Track 35Small colony phenotype40
Track 36Small colony phenotype41
Track 37Yeast localisation phenotype41
Track 38ES viability42
Track 39ES viability43
Track 40Restoration of radiation resistance44
Track 41Increase/restoration in radiation resistance24
Track 42Homology-directed repair45
Track 43Homology-directed repair46
Track 44Homology-directed repair43
Track 45Single-strand annealing46
Track 46Centrosome number47
Track 47Yeast intrachromosomal recombination40
Track 48Yeast interchromosomal recombination40
Track 49G2/M checkpoint proficiency24
Track 50Subcellular localisation/formation of foci after IR48
Track 51Subcellular localisation/cytoplasmic mislocalisation49
Track 52Cisplatin response43
Track 53PARP inhibitor sensitivity43
  • BIC, Breast Cancer Information Core; ES, Embryonic Stem Cell; GVGD, Grantham Variation-Grantham Deviation; IR, ionizing radiation; IARC, International Agency for Research on Cancer; PARP, Poly ADP Ribose Polymerase.