Table 2

Clinical presentation of the studied subjects

Term at birth (weeks of amenorrhea)40404241At term39At term41
Birth length in cm/SDS #43.5/−4.148/−1.744/−3.943/−4.6SGA43/−4.2n.a.47/−2.5
Birth weight in grams/SDS #2330/−2.53270/−0.52110/−2.91980/−3.3SGA1920/−3.32850/n.a2640/−2.0
Head circumference in cm/SDS31.5/−3.435/−0.133/−2.231/−4.2n.a.32.5/−2.1n.a.33.5/−1.7
Height at 2 years/SDS #75/−3.086,5/0.776/−2.776/−2.7n.a.75/−3.0n.a.77/−2.4
BMI at 2 years/SDS #13.2/−2.616.7/0.415.6/−0.613.5/−2.3n.a.14.4/−1.6n.a.15.6/−0.6
Head circumference at 2 years/SDS48.5/0.749/1.148.5/0.748/0.3n.a.47/−0.5n.a.46/−1.2
Final height/SDSn.a.n.a.147/−2.9157/−1.1145/−3.3n.a.158/−0,9147/−2.9
Relative macrocephaly #+ at 2 years+ at birth and at 2 years+ at 2 yearsn.a.+ at birth and 2 years
Prominent forehead during infancy++++++
Triangular face+++++
Feeding difficulties during infancy #+
Body asymmetry #
RSS criteria14/5not SGA3/54/5n.a.4/5not SGA1/5
Cortisol* (basal/peak) µg/dL13.4/
ACTH† pg/mL1015971312n.a.n.a.
Growth hormone therapy+0++0+0+
Other therapy000Triptorelin cyproterone acetate0Triptorelin00
  • #RSS criteria according to1; BMI at the age of two and below −2 SDS and feeding difficulties during infancy were considered as a unique positive criteria. n.a.: data not available.

  • *Normal range for basal cortisol: 6.0–17.0 µg/dL; normal cortisol peak when >25.0 µg/dL.

  • †Normal range for basal ACTH: 4.7–48.8 pg/mL.