Table 2

Infectious manifestations in new patients reported in this study with STAT1 mutations and chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis*

InfectionsPatient P1Patient P2Patient P3Patient P6Patient P7Patient P8
 Oral6 month12 month12 month13 month2 monthSince birth
 Nail (and skin)5 year3 year12 year4,5 year1 year3 month
 Oesophagealno19 yearno8 year6 year5 year
 Genitalno8 year11 yearnoNo8 year
Viral infections
 Varicella8 year6 year5 year5 yearNo10 year (mild)
 Recurrent HSV infectionno20 yearnonoNo3 year (6–10 per year)
Other infections
 Pneumonia3 year (4×)nono2,5  year (4×)5 year2 year (4×)
 Aphthous stomatitisno6 year6 year1 year (3–4×)6 month (2–3 yearly, >4r2 month (monthly)
 Furunculosisnonono7 year (>3 per year)6 year (3×)
 Impetigononononono5 year (1–2 per year)
 Blepharitis8 year (1)nononono5 year (6×)
 KeratitisNo5 yearnononono
 Renal abscess9 yearnonononono
 Cystitisno20 year12 year12 year (2×)nono
 Periodontitisnonono7 yearnono
  • *Age at first episode (times of recurrences); For clinical data of previously published patients (P4, P5 and P9), see online supplementary case reports.

  • HSV, Herpes simplex virus.