Table 1

Index cases with germline CDH1 genetic testing

Personal and family historyIndex casesMutations*
2010 criteriaThree DGCs in family161
met (n=61)Two DGCs in family, one of them <age 50135
Sporadic DGC<age 40293
Personal or family history of DGC and LBC, one of the Dx <age 5032
2010 criteriaTwo LBCs<age 50 in case or family53
not met (n=104)Two DGCs in family, both ≥age 5073
Sporadic DGC≥40141
≥2 LBC, ≤1 of them <age 50 in case or family70
Sporadic unilateral LBC140
  • *Cases are detailed in table 2.

  • †Consists mainly of cases with a personal and family history of GC/BC with non-diffuse, non-lobular or unknown histology.

  • DGC, diffuse gastric cancer; Dx, diagnosis of cancer (any type) for the index case; LBC lobular breast cancer.