Table 2

Clinical comparison between groups of SALS patients with or without expanded repeats in C9ORF72

Patient groupsC9ORF72Other SALS
Age at onset (years)
 Mean (SE)59 (2)56 (1)
 Range35–77 (n=31)21–87 (n=481)
Disease duration (months)*
 Mean (SE)38 (4)73 (4)
 Range9–133 (n=31)1–354 (n=481)
Bulbar onset
 Ratio of patients20/51167/652
 M:F ratio1.55:1 (n=51)1.4:1 (n=668)
  • * Disease duration data included censored data (3 for C9ORF72 and 87 for other SALS).

  • The fraction represents the number of patients with bulbar onset / the total number of patients for whom site of onset information was available.

  • n, number of patients for whom the information was available.