Table 4

Reclassification in our test sample into absolute risk classes due to the effect of adding 18 significant single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) to covariate model (net reclassification improvement (NRI)=8.3%), correctly reclassified cases and controls across the 5-year-risk threshold of 1.66% are indicated as bold (NRI across all four categories:15.8%)

Risk score from covariates alone
Risk score including 18 SNPsRisk<1%Risk>1%, <1.66%1.66%≤Risk<3.5%Risk>3.5%
 % Cases10.776.550.690
 % Controls15.619.191.180
Risk>1%, <1.66%
 % Cases3.3316.289.930.05
 % Controls2.2817.5513.750
 % Cases0.411.1732.260.5
 % Controls0.237.3728.750.23
 % Cases00.157.540.4
 % Controls00.113.460.3