Table 1

Clinical data from family patient number/sex/head circumference at birth/current age

Age at first VP-shuntNumber of revisions of VP-shuntAge at first seizureCurrent cognitive functionCurrent motor function
I-1/Female/46 cm/19 years5 days23 yearsMild–moderate mental retardationUnsteady gait
I-2/Male/46 cm/18 yearsWithin first week of life76–8 weeksNo verbal communication. Severe mental retardationAble to sit
I-3/Female/39.5 cm/16 years1 day13 yearsAge-appropriate. Learning disabilityAge-appropriate
I-4/Female/ 49 cm/2 years1 day57 monthsDevelopmental quotient approximately 75Crawls. No independent walking yet
  • VP; ventriculo-peritoneal.