Table 3

Genotypes of atypical and non-Usher patients (novel variants are in bold)

FamilyDiagnosisGeneAllele 1* Allele 2* Pathogenicity Allele_1Pathogenicity Allele_2Ethnicity
9 familiesAtypical UsherUnknown
520Atypical Usher MYO7A p.Leu326GlnUnknownUV2 Indian
633Atypical Usher USHIC p.Arg339Gln Unknown UV2 Caucasian
542ARRP USH2A p.Cys759Phep.Cys3358TyrPathogenicUV3Caucasian
505 Sector RP and hearing loss USHIC p.Arg103Hisc.2227-1G>TPathogenicPathogenicCaucasian
448Alström syndromeUnknown
569, 502Unknown, not UsherUnknown
  • * Unless stated otherwise, the alleles were not observed in control chromosomes.

  • Caucasian: UK and European.

  • Saihan et al.35

  • ARRP, autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa; RP, retinitis pigmentosa; UV, unclassified variant.