Table 4

Evidence that the association between rs6983267 and thyroid cancer risk is best explained by a recessive model

TestUK onlyMeta analysis of UK and Polish studies
OR (95% CI)p ValueOR (95% CI)p Value
GG vs (GT + TT)1.266 (1.071 to 1.494)0.0041.250 (1.089 to 1.435)7.64×10−4
GG vs GT1.262 (1.055 to 1.509)0.0091.215 (1.051 to 1.404)0.004
GT vs TT1.010 (0.827 to 1.236)0.9601.087 (0.933 to 1.266)0.142
  • Note that the risk allele homozygotes (GG) have significantly higher frequency compared with other genotypes combined (GT + TT) and with heterozygotes (GT). This is also the case for the GG versus TT test which is not shown. However, there is no evidence that heterozygotes are over-represented in cases (GT vs TT).