Table 2

Quantitative analysis of transfection experiments

VWTMUTF2,26p Value
Transfection efficiency mean (SD)42.1 (5.9)44.7 (5.4)41.1 (14.3)0.4340.653
Total DAPI cells counted153015951841
% Nuclear clustering mean (SD)1.9 (2.1)30.1 (16.2)64.0 (16.9)41.074<0.001
Total GFP cells counted627692715
  • ANOVA analysis was performed to determine the F and p values, and post hoc comparisons were performed to determine differences among the three groups with a Bonferroni correction (see text).

  • GFP, green fluorescent protein; MUT, GFP–RAB40AL–p.D59G; N, number of experiments; V, vector only; WT, GFP–RAB40AL SD, standard deviation.