Table 2

Brain imaging data for patients with deletion 14q12 or FOXG1 mutations

This report N=11Literature1–5 9–13 N=15
Simplified gyral pattern11/11 SIMP01/01 SIMP
Pachygyria, mild frontal03/11 frontal pachygyria00/02 frontal pachygyria
Reduced volume white matter (frontal)11/11 reduced WM04/04 reduced WM
Hypogenesis corpus callosum (frontal)09/11 hypogenesis CC09/09 hypogenesis CC
Agenesis corpus callosum (severe)01/11 ACC with deletion02/13 ACC
  • ACC, agenesis of corpus callosum; CC, corpus callosum; SIMP, simplified gyral pattern; WM, white matter.