Table 1

Apparently balanced constitutional chromosomal translocations associated with Wilms tumour, reported in the literature

Constitutional karyotypeClinical featuresMapping of the breakpointReference
t(7;13)(q36;q13)Unilateral Wilms tumour, facial dysmorphism, mental retardationNone reported12
t(7;19)(q11.2;q13.3)Bilateral Wilms tumour, facial dysmorphism, brain abnormalitiesNone reported13
t(1;7)(q42;p15)Unilateral Wilms tumour, contralateral nephrogenic rest, skeletal abnormalitiesObscurin on 1q42.13, PTH-B1 on 7p14.314–16
t(5;6)(q21;q21)Bilateral Wilms tumourMapped to 2.5 Mbp on 5q21, mapped to 1.3 Mbp on 6q2117 18
t(9;12)(q22.3;q15)Unilateral Wilms tumourNone reported19