Table 1

Demographic and dialysis data of final study population

RLS-positive ESRD patients n=200RLS-negative ESRD patients n=443p ValueRLS-positive ESRD patients n=141RLS-negative ESRD patients n=393p Valuep Value
Mean dialysis duration (hours per week, mean±SD)13.6±2.2 (NA for 42 patients)13.6±2.7 (NA for 138 patients)0.8112.0±0.311.9±0.40.312.2×10−10
Mean dependence on dialysis (months, mean±SD)70.7±68.5 (NA for 34 patients)60.7±62.2 (NA for 105 patients)0.1145.2±4141.6±×10−10
Age (years, mean±SD)64.8±12.565±13.40.960.3±12.466±13.45.4×10−60.58
Gender (% female)56.564.10.0756.761.30.340.57
Age of onset of RLS (years, mean±SD)54.8±15.4 (NA for 51 patients)NA
  • Age and dialysis parameters were analysed by two-sided Student's t tests. Gender ratios were subjected to a χ2 test.

  • GER, German; GR, Greek; n, number; NA, not available; –, not applicable.