Table 1

Overview of the latest generation of commercially available microarrays for copy number variation (CNV) detection

Microarray vendorCatalogue whole genome arrayTechnologyTotal number of copy number markers
AffymetrixCytogenetics Whole Genome 2.7M arraySingle colour hybridisation, CNV and genotyping2 761 979 oligonucleotides, of which 400 103 are single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) specific
AgilentHuman High-Resolution Discovery 1*1MTwo-colour hybridisation, CNV only963 331 oligonucleotides
IlluminaHuman 1M-duo BeadChipSingle-colour hybridisation, CNV and genotyping1 199 187 oligonucleotides, majority SNP specific
NimbleGenHuman CGH 2.1MTwo-colour hybridisation, CNV only2 100 000 oligonucleotides