Table 1

Kaplan–Meyer estimates on survival in different groups

Ovarian cancerHNPCC/Lynch associated cancers*All cancersCrude
5 year82.7%79.2%79.2%78.6%
10 year80.6%75.7%73.9%73.3%
20 year78.0%68.4%65.7%64.3%
30 year71.5%47.3%42.9%40.3%
  • Patient not having the event indicated in the column heading were censored as not affected.

  • ↵* Includes ovarian cancer, cancers covered by the AMSII criteria, one case of duodenal cancer, one case of gastric cancer and one case of pancreatic cancer.

  • HNPCC, hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer.