Table 2 Frequency of a CFHR1 deleted allele according to the susceptibility factor and comparison of each subgroup with the control population using a χ2 test
Frequency of CFHR1 deleted allele (%) in each subgroupχ2p Value
Total cohort22.312.60.0003
No factor identified18.33.040.08
CFH mutation7.90.030.9
FI mutation31.814.90.0001
MCP mutation2.91.250.3
C3 mutation21.94.690.03
Combined mutations14.30.50.5
Anti-FH IgG92.994.7<0.0001
Cohort without anti-FH IgG cases16.34.80.02
Cohort without anti-FH IgG nor FI cases13.82.430.12
Control population8.6