Table 1 Prevalences of allergic phenotypes and farm related exposures among the PARSIFAL children, by study group
Farm children n = 1307Steiner school children n = 686Farm reference children n = 654Steiner reference children n = 466
Allergic phenotypes (%)
Doctor’s diagnosis of asthma6.27.011.612.9
Current symptoms of rhinoconjunctivitis4.07.78.811.7
Allergic symptoms*9.211.918.120.3
Atopic sensitisation (allergen specific IgE ⩾0.35 kU/l)22.729.034.537.8
Atopic sensitisation (allergen specific IgE ⩾3.5 kU/l)10.316.821.624.9
Farm related exposures (%)
Ever regular farm animal contact92.745.236.220.9
Current regular farm animal contact82.730.226.312.0
Current regular visits to stable or barn81.923.317.27.4
Mother’s farm animal contact during pregnancy79.918.715.56.6
Mother worked regularly in stable or barn during pregnancy70.
Ever consumption of farm milk72.539.420.77.8
Current regular contact with farm animals, timing
    No current regular farm animal contact17.369.873.788.0
    Current farm animal contact initiated during first year53.
    Current farm animal contact initiated after first year but >12 months ago15.
    Current farm animal contact initiated within last 12 months13.710.812.08.8
  • PARSIFAL, Prevention of Allergy Risk factors for Sensitisation In children related to Farming and Anthroposophic Lifestyle.

  • *Doctor’s diagnosis of asthma and/or current symptoms of rhinoconjunctivitis.