Table 1 Mean baseline characteristics of the 1453 patients with Fabry disease in the Fabry Outcome Survey
Total patient population, n699754
    Age at entry†, years34.2 (15.4)37.9 (17.9)*
    Age at diagnosis, years23.5 (15.4)30.8 (17.6)*
    Weight at entry†, kg66.3 (19.5)64.2 (17.8)
    Age at start of ERT, years33.8 (14.1)41.5 (17.0)
Adults, n581620
    Age at entry†, years38.9 (12.3)43.6 (14.4)
    Patients receiving ERT, n447310
        Age at treatment start, years37.2 (11.8)45.8 (13.8)
Children, n118134
    Age at entry†, years11.2 (4.4)11.7 (4.6)
    Patients receiving ERT, n7048
        Age at treatment start, years11.8 (4.3)13.7 (4.2)
  • *p<0.001 compared with males.

  • †Into the Fabry Outcome Survey.

  • Data are mean (SD) unless otherwise specified.