Table 1 Genotyping results and case–control association analyses at the single SNP level
dbSNPChrAllelesMAFMAF in casesMAF in controlsAllelic p valueORCI
RGS1rs28163161A:CC0.1280.1660.01230.740.58 to 0.94
IL18RAPrs9179972G:AA0.2440.2270.34981.100.90 to 1.34
CCR3rs64419613G:AA0.3720.3680.82771.020.85 to 1.21
IL12A,SCHIP1rs178105463A:GG0.1090.0670.00041.711.26 to 2.31
IL12Ars98117923A:GG0.4670.4210.03131.211.02 to 1.43
LPPrs14645103A:CA0.5190.4740.03481.201.20 to 1.42
IL2/IL21rs68228444A:CA0.0810.1090.02530.720.54 to 0.96
TAGAPrs17380746A:GA0.4540.4120.04951.191.00 to 1.41
SH2B3rs318450412G:AA0.5540.4940.00501.271.07 to 1.50
  • Chr, chromosome; CI, confidence interval; MAF, minor allele frequency; OR, odds ratio; SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism.

  • Allelic p value was calculated by 2×2 two sided χ2 test; bold indicates p<0.05.