Table 6

 Anthropometric measures in patients with (SHOX) and without (non-SHOX) SHOX deficiency

VariablePer cent of height (%)p ValueDeviation from normal (cm)
Non-SHOX n = 1447SHOX n = 65Non-SHOXSHOX
SHOX, short-stature homeobox containing gene.
Measures were related to standing height to evaluate disproportions; anthropometric measures as percentage of height were compared with the corresponding means of normal 8 year-old children (Flügel et al24) and were converted to differences in cm to give an impression of the magnitude of deviation.
Two-sided p values were calculated using analysis of variance (ANOVA); SDS (standard deviation score).
Height SDS–3.3 (0.9)–3.4 (1.1)0.673
Sitting height SDS–3.1 (1.1)–2.4 (1.4)<0.001
Sitting height/Height54.5 (3.0)56.5 (3.0)<0.001+1.2+3.9
Arm span/Height97.5 (3.4)95.2 (3.3)<0.001–2.8–5.8
Forearm length/Height14.9 (1.2)14.3 (1.8)<0.001+0.4–0.4
Upper arm length/Height17.8 (1.5)18.0 (1.8)0.287–0.5–0.3
Lower leg length/Height21.9 (1.7)21.1 (2.3)<0.001
Forearm circumference/Height14.9 (1.4)15.7 (1.6)<0.001+0.3+1.3
Upper arm circumference/Height15.5 (1.7)16.6 (1.8)<0.001+0.1+1.6
Lower leg circumference/Height21.9 (1.7)21.1 (2.3)<0.001+2.5+1.5
Upper leg circumference/Height29.5 (3.2)31.8 (3.8)<0.001–3.1–0.1