Table 2

 Demographic and baseline data of patients with (SHOX) and without (non-SHOX) a deletion or mutation in the SHOX gene and patients with Turner syndrome

VariableNon-SHOXSHOXTurner syndromep Value Non-SHOX vs SHOXp Value Turner syndrome vs SHOX
BMI, body–mass index; LWS, Léri-Weill syndrome; SDS, standard deviation score; SHOX, short-stature homeobox containing gene; TH, target height.
Continuous variables are shown as mean standard deviation (SD). p Values of categorical variables were calculated by Fisher’s exact test and of continuous variables by one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) (two-sided p values).
Males/females (%)60/4046/540/1000.023
LWS (%)1.548.5<0.001
Age (years)7.7 (2.4)7.4 (2.5)7.2 (2.0)0.3110.767
Height SDS–3.4 (1.0)–3.4 (1.1)–3.8 (0.8)0.9970.104
BMI SDS–0.6 (1.4)+0.4(1.1)–0.3 (1.2)<0.0010.023
TH SDS–1.3 (1.0)–1.5 (1.3)–0.6 (1.3)0.205<0.001
Height SDS – TH SDS–2.1 (1.2)–1.9 (1.1)–3.1 (1.0)0.156<0.001