Table 8

 Studies on the effectiveness of chemotherapy in patients with MSI-H tumours

Author, yearType of study and selection criteriaAgentsPatients with MSI-H tumourEffect of chemotherapy
CRC, colorectal cancer; FU, fluorouracil; HNPCC, hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer; MSI, microsatellite instability; RCT, randomised controlled trial.
Liang et al,55 2002Prospective, non-randomised; stage IV CRCHigh-dose 5-FU/leucovorin52Better survival in patients with MSI-H tumours who received chemotherapy
Ribic et al,56 2003Retrospective MSI analysis of tumours from patients who participated in a multicentre RCT 20–25 years ago; CRC stage II/III5-FU/leucovorin or levamisol95No survival differences
Carethers et al,57 2004Retrospective, consecutive patients; CRC stage II/III5-FU-based36No survival differences
De Vos et al,58 2004Retrospective, CRC stage III patients from families with HNPCC5-FU/leucovorin or levamisol92No survival differences
Fallik et al,59 2003Non-randomised controlled trial; CRC stage IVIrinotecan (CPT11)73 partial and 1 complete response