Table 6

 The outcome of surveillance for endometrial cancer in families with Lynch syndrome

UK/The Netherlands(Dove-Edwin et al,47 2002)The Netherlands(Rijcken et al,48 2003)Finland(Renkonen-Sinisalo et al,49 2006)
–, not found; TVU, transvaginal ultrasound.
*Including one occult cancer detected at surgery.
Number of subjects26941175
Mutation carriersNot mentioned27%100%
ProtocolTVUTVUTVU and aspiration biopsy
Patient years of follow-up826197759
Number of scans522179476
Surveillance interval1–2 years1 year2–3 years
Premalignant lesions3 complex atypia5 complex atypia
Screen-detected cancer12*
Interval cancer212
Figo I2112
Figo II1
Figo III1