Table 3

 Results of complement investigation, including C3, C4, factor B, factor H and factor I levels, expression of CD46 on peripheral blood mononuclear cell surfaces and assays for C3NeF

Patient NoC3* (660–1250 mg/l)C4 (93–380 mg/l)Factor B* (90–320 mg/l)Factor H antigenic levels* (70–130%)Factor I antigenic levels* (70–130%)CD46 (600–1300)C3NeFMutationHistological type
C3NeF, C3 nephritic factor; FH, factor H; FI, factor I; Group I: GN C3 (glomerulonephritis with isolated C3 deposits) with MPGN (membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis); Group II: GN C3 without MPGN; MFI, mean fluorescence intensity; ND, not done.
Abnormal values are shown in bold.
*Normal values are indicated in parentheses.
1 150 327108112104836+Group I
21010297147149132611+Group I
3683205136120109990+Group I
4 398 103102123104ND+Group I
568132997136871801+Group I
670614715796115955NDFHGroup I
71190296193147168769CD 46Group I
8 645 248118116121786Group I
9 653 357 87 100921332Group I
10 562 10898100921683Group I
117471031339384NDGroup I
12769312167124129NDGroup I
131130226ND12579755Group I
14 384 180878990ND+Group II
157941889810393772+FHGroup II
16 616 27177 51 123NDFHGroup II
17975193100176107NDFIGroup II
18958319126130115975NDFIGroup II
198292231351101251279Group II